Synod of Lincoln Trails, PC(USA)
Thursday, February 22, 2018
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2018 Stated
Meeting Schedule:
Friday & Saturday
April 20-21
Indiana Interchurch Center
(Synod Office)
1100 W. 42nd Street
Indianapolis, IN 46208
Friday & Saturday
October 19-20
Site To Be Determined
Reports and papers for all meetings will be posted under For Commissioners and Committee Members/Meeting Papers.
Judy Johnson will alert all those invited to the synod meetings when papers are available for downloading.
1100 W. 42nd Street
Suite 210
Indianapolis, IN 46208
The Mission of the Synod of Lincoln Trails of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is to develop, nurture and support leaders in partnership with our presbyteries and congregations and coordinate Presbyterian mission strategy within the synod. 

Synod Sponsors Conference for Female Church Employees
What do EMPOWERMENT and RESTORATION look like in the era of #MeToo? The synod will be offering for female church employees in Lincoln Trails a gathering to see what that can look like. The event will be March 4-6 at St. Luke Union Presbyterian Church in Bloomington, IL. 

#MeToo Synod Gathering:


An Opportunity for Empowerment and Restoration in the Era of #MeToo


Are you a woman employed in any capacity by a congregation within the Synod of Lincoln Trails and who is inspired by the #MeToo movement?


Would you welcome an opportunity to share thoughts and feelings with other women about #MeToo and its importance for working in the church?


Are you interested in exploring how to empower church employed women to go forward with highly valued and essential responsibilities?


Let's talk about how we take care of ourselves and support women who have experienced/are experiencing sexual harassment and/or abuse in the church.


A Synod-sponsored gatheringswill be offered for women who are currently employed by churches in Lincoln Trails.

#MeToo Gathering will be March 4-6

St. Luke Union Presbyterian Church, Bloomington, IL with overnights at the

Hampton Inn & Suites - Bloomington-Normal IL.


This gathering will be limited to 30 participants.


This event be professionally facilitated by the LeaderWise staff and psychologists Ph.D.s, Caroline Burke and Krista Redlinger-Grosse.


The Revs. Sara Dingman, Synod Executive, and Sue Krummel, Executive Presbyter, will serve as supportive hosts and chaplains.


An Overview of Our Time Together:


We invite you to arrive Sunday night (starting at 7:00 p.m.) for an informal reception with appetizers and beverages. Get to know each other, meet your facilitators, and get a good night's sleep in your restful single or double room.


On Monday we will gather throughout the morning, afternoon and early evening. The schedule will be an intentional blend of structured and unstructured activities. We will gather in large and small groups, with some open space as well for reflection and restoration. While the topic may be heavy, expect there to be laughter too.


On Tuesday morning we will regather, more briefly, and then depart about 11:00 a.m.


This event is being substantially underwritten by the Synod of Lincoln Trails. Partcipants' all-inclusive costs will be $50 (total) for a double room and $100 (total) for a single room. Scholarships will be available.


To give everyone an equal opportunity to apply, applications will be confidentially received starting Monday morning, January 15th, at 10:00a.m. Eastern/9:00a.m. Central.


To apply, please send a brief e-mail to



Please provide:

  • Your name
  • Name and location of your church of employment
  • Your position at the church, and whether you are full or part time
  • Can you commit to arriving Sunday p.m. and staying until 11.00 a.m.Tuesday?
  • Would you like a single room ($100 total) or a double room ($50 total)? Will you need a scholarship?
  • Any dietary restrictions? (We'll do our best to accommodate)
  • Anything else we should know?

Expect to receive a confirmation e-mail from the Synod, no later than Feb 1.


You may also e-mail Sara Dingman at with any questions.

Synod Continues to Provide Transitional Ministry Education
with the MALT Program for 2018 
Scheduled Training Event for 2018:
   SPRING ... event BROCHURE
     Transitional Ministry Education - Week I & II: May 7-11 in Saint Louis, MO
     Executive Leadership Training 3.0: May 7-11 in Saint Louis, MO

Synod Underwrites Healthy Boundaries & Ethics Training Programs

The Synod of Lincoln Trails is fully underwriting a synodwide HEALTHY BOUNDARIES & ETHICS TRAINING program for all 8 presbyteries. The idea is that you can go to ANY of the identical 5-hr workshops being offered at strategic locations throughout Illinois and Indiana, and receive boundaries certification from your presbytery of membership (not to mention a free lunch). Two workshops were offered in 2017, facilitated by synod partner Dr. Mark Sundby of LeaderWise.

Stay tuned for workshops coming to Peoria and Geneva, IL.

Synod Approves Sankofa Trip for 2018

The Synod Sankofa is an intentional, cross-cultural prayer journey that seeks
to move followers of Christ toward God's vision for social justice.
Who:     Ages 18+
What:    A community of justice-seekers
When:   June 6-10, 2018
Why:     Micah 6:8
Scholarships are available.
Register/Inquire at:
Click Here for Web Site

Synod Continues Funding Opportunity For 2018
Mission Initiative Grants are one-time grants of 'seed' money designed to help begin new congregation based missional activities. These one-time grants are for dollar amounts up to $1,500 and grant recipients will be able to share their stories and progress six months and one year after receipt of the grant. 
Trees need three essential things to grow strong:
               digging the dirt around the roots, loosening of soil so nutrients can get to the roots;
               water, transport of nutrients; and,
Using this metaphor, the Synod is supplying the seeds or seedlings in the form of grant funds. In the application you will have the opportunity to relay the ways that you will be supplying the three essentials while growing a strong new mission through your congregation.
The Synod meets two times in 2018 and applications received prior to each meeting will be reviewed at that meeting. If you have any questions concerning the new Mission Initiative Grants, please contact Judy Johnson at the Synod office. Please note application deadlines: April 9th for consideration at the April 20th Synod Assembly: and, October 8th for consideration at the October 19-20 Synod Assembly.
Click Here to view the Application Process and Application.
                                                                                          ♦  ♦  ♦
Synod's Mission Initiative Grant at Work...
First Presbyterian Church and Their Buddy Bags Program
Meli Cangahuala, Jamie Schwingle, and Christina Berry (pictured) are hard at work filling bags to provide weekend food for elementary age school children. Click Here to see how the grant process works and to learn more about First Presbyterian Church and their Buddy Bags Program. 

2018 Per Capita Figures
General Assembly: $7.73 
 Synod of Lincoln Trails: $3.81 
Presbytery of Blackhawk: $24.80 
Presbytery of Chicago: $22.07 
Presbytery of Great Rivers: $20.46 
 Midwest Korean American Presbytery: $ 
Presbytery of Ohio Valley: $24.46 
Presbytery of Southeastern Illinois: $28.46 
Presbytery of Wabash Valley: $28.45 
 Presbytery of Whitewater Valley: $27.51 
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