Synod of Lincoln Trails, PC(USA)
Thursday, January 29, 2015

Seminars for New Pastors

If your congregation calls a newly ordained pastor to serve you, he/she will find much needed help in the synod's program for new pastors. The program consists of six two-day retreats over a three-year period - usually beginning in the autumn. Interspersed among the retreats are one-day small group gatherings. Leadership is provided by a synod co-executive, a presbytery staff member, and one or two experienced pastors. The synod's New Pastor Support Program began in 1985 as the denomination-wide Young Pastors Seminars were discontinued. This program has provided support for nearly 500 pastors since its beginning.
Pastors ordained within the last three years may contact the synod office for more information. Call 317-923-3681/800-566-5996, or email
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