Synod of Lincoln Trails, PC(USA)
Monday, February 18, 2019

Transitional Executive Education


The Synods of Mid-America and Lincoln Trails (MALT) have joined together to provide transitional executive education.



The next Art of Transitional Ministry is May 13-17, 2019 in St. Louis, MO.  Please check the website for more information. 

For additional information, contact Beth Wagner, MALT Team Leader ( or questions regarding logistics contact Danelle O'Connell. ( in the Synod of Mid-America office (913-608-7662). 


Registration for Transitional Executive Education is limited to sixteen people who meet one of the four following criteria:


  • currently serving as an interim/transitional mid-council leader
  • scheduled to begin service as an interim/transitional mid-council leader
  • serving or who have served as a mid-council leader
  • recommended by their presbytery as having particular gifts for interim/transitional mid-council leadership.
Ordinarily, those enrolled in transitional executive education have completed at least 30 hours of the basic transitional ministry education.
During the 30 hours of class time, learning will focus on:
  • Identifying and working with multiple layers of organizational system complexity;
  • Identifying and working with multiple cultures within an organizational system;
  • Identifying and working with mid-council infrastructure
  • Applying the principles and processes of transitional ministry to mid-council leadership.


Sara Dingman, Teaching Elder          Landon Whitsitt, Teaching Elder          Sue Krummel, Teaching Elder
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